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Goalrilla is The Toughest Basketball System on the Planet™ and carries a limited lifetime warranty. Goalrilla goals are designed to take your best slam, jam or dunk, and other activities common to the game of basketball. Hanging on the rim is unsafe and not recommended. Be sure to understand the guidelines for proper use and keep your warranty in effect. Read the complete warranty here.

All Goalrilla systems are adjustable from 7.5 to regulation 10 feet, allowing the system to be enjoyed by players of virtually all ages. The all-steel height-adjusting actuator includes a scale that shows the height that is achieved by turning the handle.

Gauge refers to the thickness of steel. The lower the gauge number correlates to thicker steel. Example: 7 gauge is thicker than 11 gauge.

For high school, college, and professional basketball, the regulation height is 10 feet to the top side of the basketball rim.

The same spring is used, but the heavy flex rim is thicker and has twice number of coils. By doubling the coils, the rim is able to handle more pressure during play.

Yes! Goalrilla systems offer you a convenient way to keep your goal at a certain height. The handle to crank the goal can be removed by taking out a pin, and stored for safe keeping. Many parents like to crank their goals up to a regulation height of 10 feet for their kids, remove the crank handle, and get their children more used to the height that they will be playing on in school.

Absolutely! In fact, this semi-portability is one of the greatest features of a Goalrilla goal. Your goal will be installed on an independent anchor system. If you move, it’s as simple as unbolting 4 bolts from the bottom of the goal, moving the goal to the new home, and purchasing and installing a new anchoring system at the new home. If you’d like more information on the Goalrilla anchoring system or to purchase one, please contact us!


We have all the basketball hoops in stock in our Melbourne warehouse.  Once your system is packed our Freight partner will contact you to arrange delivery.

We are open 7 days a week. Call us anytime on 1800 551 443 or contact us by email Information@Goalrilla.com.au.

The best way is to call 1 800 551 443 and speak with us. We can provide you with the answers to the important questions that come with choosing the correct system to fit your needs.


Once we receive your order, we ship within 5 business days. We are based in Melbourne, so usually the closer you are to us, the faster you will get your goal. Most shipments arrive in 5-12 business days. In November and December these times can be longer due to higher volume.

We often have questions about what box a certain item may be in. Here is a quick overview of where these frequently asked for items are.

CV Models Only
The universal pole pad is in the backboard box. It is used as part of the packaging. The backboard pole pad is located in the arm box.

All Models
Assembly instructions and the height indicator are taped to the anchor system box which is located in the post box. Hardware is located on a vacuum sealed card glued inside the top of the box.

If the customer purchases a goal with any padding other than a CV model, it will be in a separate box along with the shipment. This applies to padding as well as yard guards and Goalback nets.


If you live in Melbourne, ask your associate for installation details. If you live outside of Melbourne we can recommend a Goalrilla installer in your area, ask your associate for details. Should you install the Goalrilla yourself, consult the instructions provided or watch our two videos.

For safety purposes, we recommend you have at least three capable persons to assist you.

The recommended hole size is 500mm x 500 mm and 1m+ deep.

Before you dig, call your local utilities to rule out the presence of buried cables including power, water, gas and phone lines. Failure to do so could result in serious or fatal injury.

For best results with less vibration, your Goalrilla anchor system should be independent of your court. If pouring concrete for both at the same time, add an expansion joint in between.

The anchor system is set in concrete on Day 1 and requires at least 72 hours to cure. We recommend erecting your system on Day 5 to ensure the superior rock-solid performance for which Goalrilla is famous. This should take no more than 1.5 hours

Yes. The nuts beneath the pole let you level the system once it is installed. If the concrete is not perfectly level, you can level the pole by adjusting these four nuts. Simply place a level on the sides of the pole to check it for levelness. You can loosen the top nuts slightly and adjust the bottom nuts to move the system up or down on the corner which needs levelling. When the system is level, simply tighten all nuts against the pole system.

You will need approximately 450″-600″ of clearance behind the goal to be able to turn the handle and adjust the height of the backboard.


There are only three things to keep in mind with regard to maintenance:The backboard – To clean the backboard, rinse the board with lukewarm water, wash gently with a 100% cotton soft cloth and a glass cleaner. Rinse again with lukewarm water and dry with a 100% cotton soft cloth.The pole base – Keep organic materials away from pole base. As with all metals, grass and grass clippings, organic garbage and litter can cause corrosion if the metal finish is penetrated.Rust – If rust should appear on the pole, remove loose paint, sand lightly, prime and paint with exterior enamel paint. If rust has penetrated through the steel anywhere, replace pole immediately.

No maintenance is required to keep the actuator functioning properly.

Yes we do! We are able to acquire many parts for your Goalrilla system. Some older models may be subject to manufacturer availability.


7.5′ is a safety standard that Goalrilla follows to prevent injuries and protect children’s heads and teeth from hitting the bottom of the backboard or getting hung up on the net. At one time, Goalrilla did allow their goals to lower below the 7.5′ mark, and the amount of injuries were substantial, so they decided to keep it above 7.5′. This also conforms with standards on residential basketball goals that are mandated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Those standards can be found under the Abstract section here.