It began for us in 1991, with equipment that brought out the player’s best game. Our goal has always been to help athletes to train, to learn, and to enjoy the game the way it is supposed to be played. We’ve never compromised on this commitment. Today, with every weld, bolt, and piece of steel we put in our training products, we build our reputation for durable sports training equipment. From youth, high school, and college programs to your backyard, Goalrilla is the sports world’s toughest and most versatile sports training equipment for sale Australia-wide.



We wanted a basketball system that was adjustable, safe, long-lasting and met the requirements of players of all sizes, skill levels and age groups. Portable basketball systems that were for sale in Australia didn’t meet our standards. They would fall over in high winds, the plastic backboards would become brittle due to the harsh Australian summer sun and they were not strong enough to be played on like the pro players do.

The quest for the best ended when we discovered an inground basketball system that was built for the driveway but had the quality to be used in an arena. All-steel construction, Pro-Style flex rim, height adjustablity and tempered glass backboard, it was perfect.

There was only one inground basketball system in the world that met our expectations, Goalrilla.

Safety, durability, playability, Goalrilla has it all and more. It answered all our needs for an inground basketball system and now we want to share it, with it now available for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and everywhere else in Australia and New Zealand.

A Goalrilla set up meets the sports needs of an entire family. With its adjustable height it can be lowered for youngsters to play on and then easily moved back up when teens and adults want to play one-on-one. The height is adjustable from 7.5 feet to the official height of 10 feet (2.286m to 3.048m).

One problem children have is they learn the game at home or at school on a basket that is close enough to official height and has a wooden backboard, and then join a club or league that has regulation baskets with glass backboards. Goalrilla allows them to train on the best equipment so they are ready to play at their best.
Basketball players in Australia live where the climate can quickly deteriorate a basketball system, but Goalrilla products come equipped to stand up to the elements. The powder coated steel provides resistance to corrosion and UV rays. They are built to last, although can still be moved if the family relocates to a new house, and that is why they come with a lifetime Lifetime Warranty and are “The Toughest Basketball Systems on the Planet”.

Goalrilla’s durability puts it above other basketball systems. A home with a Goalrilla will have many decades of the very best, compared to the neighbours’ who need to continually replace their lower-quality basketball systems as they rust, crack, break and fall apart.

Many basketball systems are not built to withstand a slam dunk, and basketball rings attached to garages can be dangerous, but Goalrilla basketball systems allow those who play above the rim to elevate their games. Also, when Little Jimmy invites the other children in the neighbourhood to play on his Goalrilla basketball system it will put parents’ minds at ease, they will know their child is not only outside getting fresh air and exercise but they are playing with the safest basketball system due to the stability and strength provided by the all-steel support frame.

With Goalrilla basketball systems, we want to turn fans back into players, to get them outside on the driveway shooting hoops, and to provide the basketball system that gives players the best shot at making that game-winning, buzzer-beating, fadeaway jump shot.

We brought Goalrilla to Australia so our children could play on the best basketball systems, and so all children around Australia had an opportunity to use them. Goalrilla Basketball and Training – Australia has a passion for sports, fitness and families and hopes that our basketball systems will bring neighbourhoods together as the children, and their friends and relatives too, leave their couches and lace up their shoes, grab a ball and head outside for hours of fun.