In-Ground or Portable Basketball Ring

News | Aug 23, 2016

There are several options to consider when purchasing a basketball hoop for your family; In-ground or portable, glass or acrylic, adjustable or fixed.  The information below will help you determine the best basketball system for your home.



Benefits of In-Ground and Portable Systems

In-Ground Basketball Rings:

  • Generally much safer when installed correctly.  There is no need to worry about wind blowing an anchored basketball over or it being pulled over while dunking
  • Anchored in-ground systems like GOALRILLA can be easily moved and relocated when you move home
  • No need to constantly check and top up water levels
  • Thicker steel, thicker glass and heavier rims can be used as the system is anchored in the ground with over 600kgs of concrete
  • Generally take up less space as portable reservoirs can be large
  • Can be easily levelled with self levelling nuts if placed in an area with sloping ground
  • GOALRILLA basketball rings come with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Can support heavier 72inch and 60inch tempered glass backboards

Portable Systems:

  • Some systems can be moved without having to be drained or siphoned prior to moving
  • Cheaper alternative to arena style in-ground basketball hoops

Consider if you really need to move your system once it is assembled.  Many systems need to de drained and siphoned before moving so you do not void the warranty.  This can be very time consuming.  A system that is not full of water or sand can potentially be very dangerous.

Tempered Glass Or Acrylic Backboard

  • Tempered glass backboards are used in NBA, NBL, NCAA, FIBA and the majority of competition stadiums worldwide.  Acrylic backboards are mainly used in portable and less expensive basketball systems.
  • Glass backboards are extremely hard like your car windshield to help resist scratching as  well as always remaining clear.  Acrylic backboards are often thin and soft and over time will discolour, scratch and possibly crack.
  • Tempered glass basketball backboards are also heavier which help to stabilise the system and make it less likely to shake.
  • Glass backboards have a better rebound response compared to acrylic backboards.  The rebound is not deadened as the glass is heavier and thicker.

Adjustable or Fixed Height System

Adjustable basketball rings are great for homes, schools and public areas as they can be adjusted for younger children and quickly returned to regulation height for everyone else.  Adjustable basketball hoops are much more versatile and suitable for homes and schools with young children.  A GOALRILLA system will grow with your family and with its limited lifetime warranty will be there throughout their childhood and beyond.