How To Choose The Right Basketball Hoop

News | Jun 14, 2015


We get asked everyday what basketball hoop is right for my home?  Our goal is to provide each of our valued customers the right system for their family and their budget. 

Always consider:

Space  What size area is the basketball ring going into?

  • For areas smaller than 35 square metres we recommend a 54inch backboard
  • For areas between 35 square metres and 60 square metres we recommend a 60inch backboard
  • For areas larger than 60 square metres we recommend a 72inch backboard

This is just a guide and personal preference is always the most important.  Some customers, no matter what the size of their area, want a regulation size backboard.  Others because of budget may decide on a 54inch basketball hoop.  Either way you will be getting “The Toughest System On The Planet”.  We are always happy to help you choose the right basketball hoop.

Who will be using the basketball system- young children, teens or adults?

All our basketball rings are height adjustable so wether you have young children who need the ring lowered to practice their shooting or teens who want to lower the system to replicate their favourite NBA players dunks a GOALRILLA Basketball Ring will suit any age group.

Purpose  Is it for a leisurely shoot around, practice or training to become the next big power dunker like Blake Griffin?

If your basketball hoop is going to used for shooting practice our GS range is perfect for you.  If your kids or family regularly play pick-up games then we recommend the CV as it has the added backboard pads, pole pads and heavy flex rim for harder play.

Kids showing the strength of  a Goalrilla Basketball Hoop

Budget  We understand the importance of sticking to a budget.  The good thing is all GOALRILLA Basketball Hoops come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so buy best, buy once.

GOALRILLA basketball systems are the only basketball rings in Australia to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty (including the glass).  Have the piece of mind that you will not need to replace the system after a few years. Consider this when choosing between GOALRILLA and other brands.

We are always here to help you choose the right system.  Please call us anytime on 1800 551 443 to help you choose the best basketball hoop for your home, school or park.