News | Aug 6, 2015

“The World’s Toughest Basketball System” has arrived…and it is strong!  The DC and CV ranges can take over 455kgs of vertical force.  Just watch below.

GOALRILLA has been leading the way in the manufacture and supply of backyard basketball rings for 25 years. The GOALRILLA basketball hoop system is like no other on the market right now in Australia.

A number of features separate it from its competitors, including:

Steel-welded frames and tempered glass backboards
Dupont Powder coating on all steel areas to help protect against weathering
Pro-Style Flex Rims designed for the rigours of professional basketball, and
a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the entire system

The frame is secured to the ground using a Rock Solid Anchor Bolt Mounting system, which allows for it to be moved if/when you move house, while also ensuring the system will not move an inch when it is being used. The height is adjustable between 7.5 to 10 feet with a simple rotating handle at the rear of the frame.