GOALRILLA: Australia’s best kept backyard basketball secret

News | May 25, 2015

GOALRILLA has been leading the way in the manufacture and supply of backyard basketball hoops in America for years. The coveted system has recently hit Australian shores and #TeamPnR’s Dean and Steve went and tested it out.

The GOALRILLA basketball hoop system is like no other on the market right now in Australia.

A number of features separate it from its competitors, including:

steel-welded frames and tempered glass backboards
Dupont Powder coating on all steel areas to help protect against weathering
Pro-Style Flex Rims designed for the rigours of professional basketball, and
a lifetime warranty on the entire system
The frame is secured to the ground using a Rock Solid Anchor Bolt Mounting system, which allows for it to be moved if/when you move house, while also ensuring the system will not move an inch when it is being used. The height is adjustable between 7.5 to 10 feet with a simple rotating handle at the rear of the frame.

After using the system for less than two minutes, we could tell there is an obvious difference in quality between GOALRILLA and most of the other backyard hoops currently on the market in Australia.

The design alone stands out, with the system replicating the rims and backboards found in all major basketball arenas around the world.

The ringing and rattling synonymous with the ball hitting the backboard or rim on a standard outdoor basketball hoop system is replaced with the thud commonly heard in an arena.

Another key difference is that while standard systems will rock back and forth during and after every shot attempted, the GOALRILLA system will not move on impact from the ball or players, largely thanks to the sturdy frame and breakaway rims.

The Pro-Style Flex Rims also allow for something that every backyard basketballer dreams of – dunking – and even allows for hanging on the rim for some post-dunk showboating, something that is dangerous and prohibited on most other systems.

The GOALRILLA system also has a layer of padding along the frame of the backboard’s underside to protect your head when it is above the rim, while padding around the system’s frame means coming down will not be an issue either.

Once the system is installed, it is recommended that you invite a group of mates over for a full-blown two-on-two backyard basketball tournament – just make sure you’re prepared when they refuse to leave.